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Prepaid Travel SIM cards for Europe with data for American Tourists

Europe is known for its fascinating history, stunning architecture and diverse cultures and languages. It is perhaps the world’s most visited region, drawing tourists from across the globe to experience everything from Italian cuisine to Spanish flamenco. With so many fantastic countries on our doorstep, it would be a shame to not make the most of them whilst on your European holiday. Two of the biggest problems American tourists face when visiting Europe are crippling roaming charges and whether the sim will work in multiple countries, which can often leave a bitter taste in the mouths of previously enthusiastic holiday-goers. We at SimCorner are therefore proud to offer a solution - our range of UK and Europe travel SIM cards.


What are Europe travel sim cards

From experiencing breathtaking sites in Greece to exploring the history of Rome, it’s no wonder why Europe has become the number one destination for travelers across the US. And whether you’re planning a month-long tour or a quick getaway, staying connected to friends and family is essential. 

But with many countries operating on different networks, many travelers have limited communication options or are forced to rely on weak WiFi connections at their hotel or hot spot locations. 

A Europe travel sim card is a sim card that offers travelers a convenient and affordable way to stay online and connect to loved ones while traveling across Europe. These cards are pre-loaded with data and other handy features, giving you quick and easy internet access, like your regular sim card. With a travel sim card, you’ll be able to browse the internet, scroll through social media, and more! 


The benefits of purchasing a travel sim card for Europe 

Our smartphones can do just about anything, from functioning as a digital wallet to storing memories we won’t forget, so it makes sense to rely heavily on our phones when traveling. 

SimCorner makes traveling to Europe easier with our range of Europe travel sim cards. Some of the benefits you can look forward to when picking up a SimCorner travel sim card include:

  • Freedom to roam — Say goodbye to restricted internet access with our Europe travel sim card. No matter if you’re in Spain, Croatia, or Norway, you’ll be able to roam freely without relying on WiFi or other hot spots. Whether you’re out to dinner or wandering around a museum, you’ll be able to keep your loved ones posted on the latest! 
  • Easy on the wallet — We don’t have to tell you that traveling, whether for work or fun, is an expensive experience. SimCorner takes the hassle out of budgeting for internet access and offers competitive pricing across all our sim cards. Depending on the data bank option you need, prices range from $21 to $58. 
  • Hotspot functionality — Packing your tablet or laptop? No worries! Our Europe sim cards feature hotspotting, giving you the flexibility to use your pre-loaded data across a range of devices. 


SimCorner’s travel must-haves 

Even the most organized travelers often forget the essentials. Once you get your travel sim card sorted, don’t forget to sift through our travel accessories. We’ve got everything you need for your Europe trip, from power adapters to laundry bags. 

And if you’re looking to source some must-see Europe destinations or budget travel trips, check out our blog


Shipping and payment options with SimCorner 

Orders over $60 will receive free standard shipping (tracking included) — orders under $60 will incur a $6.10 shipping fee. Customers who opt for express shipping will be charged a $9.99 shipping fee. Depending on the shipping option, your Europe travel sim card should arrive within 2-7 business days.

SimCorner also accepts the following payment methods: Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Amex, JCB, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


How do Travel SIM cards for Europe work?

Our European SIM Cards work like any other SIM card, and are available in standard, micro and nano versions. The Europe Phone SIMs can only be used in mobile phones, whilst our Europe Data Only SIMs can be used in a number of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and dongles. Simply place the SIM card into the device and the SIM will already be ready to work. Your plan will begin from the arrival date you provide, so ensure that this date is as close to your trip as possible. Our Europe travel SIM cards also work in the UK.


How to buy Travel SIM cards for Europe in America?

If you’re looking for the best SIM cards for Europe in USA, you’ll find them at SimCorner! SIM cards can be bought from other various providers, both online or in-store. However,  these SIM cards are often more than retail price or what we charge for the same bundle or require the payee to sign at least a year-long contract,  which is not ideal for people looking to stay only for 30 days or few months. There are also various pay-as-you-go options, but the cost of these can quickly add up.

If you plan to only use a moderate amount of 4G data, texts and minutes while you’re away, why not look at our 8GB SIM Card option or 12GB SIM Card option, which comes with Unlimited minutes and SMS within the EU and UK. You’ll be able to take in Paris or Rome in all its beauty and share any photos you may have while you’re away with friends and family back home.

Alternatively, if you’re always stuck to your phone and need a plan that caters to your digital needs, take a look at our 30GB Data or 95GB Europe travel SIM Card. With a big data limit, you’ll be able to catch up with friends and search the web to find the best deals, restaurants and routes the site while on the go.


Get the Right European SIM Card for you

All of our SIM options for Europe allow you the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends on holiday. They come in three sizes to fit any phone—from the basic brick to the smartest of iPhones. It always pays to check any specifications before deciding what SIM is rigGBht for you, and we hope this has helped.



Why do I need a Europe travel sim card

From taking a trip to the Eiffel Tower to spending an afternoon at the Colosseum, Europe is filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And whether you’re planning on visiting one or multiple countries, you’re going to need easy and reliable internet access. 

In the past, staying in contact with family and friends or getting around in a foreign country meant relying on WiFi or using your cell phone traditionally. Not only is this frustrating for the average traveler, but it can also mean coming home to a massive phone bill! 

By purchasing a Europe travel sim card from SimCorner, you’re free to travel across Europe without worrying about having internet access. They’re also a one-off purchase and can last up to 30 days, making them an affordable alternative to your phone’s normal data. 


Which Europe travel sim cards are best?

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use travel sim card for your Europe trip, you’ve come to the right place. We believe staying connected to your friends and family while on vacation shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, so we decided to create the perfect solution. 

SimCorner has an extensive range of travel sim cards, featuring different data options to suit every traveler. Customers can browse our range of sim cards for Europe travel by country, simplifying your shopping experience. 

For travelers visiting multiple European countries, our Europe and UK sim card (12GB) provides additional flexibility, giving users internet access in over 70 countries. Setting up your sim card is also quick and easy, ensuring you get up and running for your trip in no time. 


Which Europe travel sim card is right for me? 

When selecting a travel sim card for Europe, it’s important to consider how long you intend to travel, if you’ll be visiting multiple countries and how you intend to use the data. 

For instance, if you plan on only using your phone to get around and talk to loved ones, you might want to consider a sim card with large data. Or, if you’re planning on taking your tablet or laptop, a travel sim card that allows hotspotting between devices may be ideal. 

Our range of Europe sim cards is available in 8GB, 12GB, 30GB, 95GB, and 140GB. We also have a data-only option with 12GB, allowing you to insert the sim across multiple devices or hotspot from your smartphone. Depending on the sim you purchase, you’ll also have unlimited calls to numbers within the EU and UK. 


Where can I get a Europe travel sim card in the US?

Right here! At SimCorner, you’ll be able to purchase a travel sim card for Europe that can be easily inserted into your smartphone. SimCorner offers sim card options to suit every budget and traveler, so you’re bound to find the right product for you. 

And if you need help choosing the right Europe sim card for your upcoming trip, our friendly customer service team is more than happy to help. 


What makes SimCorner sim cards easy to use?

The last thing you want to do when you touch down in Europe is to waste time trying to get your sim card working. That’s why we’ve kept the activation process quick and easy. 

When you’re ready to start using your Europe sim card, turn your phone off and insert the sim card. Once the sim is inserted and you’ve turned your phone back on, the sim will automatically connect you to the nearest network and commence its service period. Once the service period expires, dispose of the card as directed. 


Is there anything else I need to know before purchasing a Europe travel sim card

Before picking up your new Europe sim card from SimCorner, there are a few things to be aware of: 

  • Once your sim card is activated, you will temporarily have a new number, which you’ll need to pass on to friends and family before leaving. 
  • Our Europe travel sim cards have an expiry date of either 28 or 30 days and cannot be recharged. If you are planning on traveling for longer than this, you’ll need to purchase multiple sim cards and set the activation date a month apart from the previous sim. 
  • Customers can check the data balance of their travel sim card at any time. Simply text ‘BALANCE’ to 20202.
  • Most of our travel sim cards for Europe are mobile-only. If you plan to use another device overseas, you must hotspot from your phone or consider purchasing a Europe Travel data-only (12GB) sim card. 
  • SimCorner is committed to offering the most competitive deals on travel sim cards. If you find the same sim card product from a competitor, we’ll beat that price by 10%. 


What are your shipping and delivery costs? 

Shipping and delivery costs with SimCorner depend on the shipping option you select at checkout. Rest assured that tracking is available with all of our shipping options. Our shipping and delivery costs are as follows:

  • Free standard shipping over $60 (delivery within 3-7 business days).
  • $6.10 standard shipping for orders under $60 (delivery within 3-7 business days).
  • $9.95 express shipping (delivery within 2-4 business days). 


How do I inquire about your Europe travel sim cards?

If you would like to learn more about our sim cards for Europe travel, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out an online form.


Why use a Europe travel SIM card when travelling?

No matter where you’re heading - France, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, or Germany - you’ll want to prepare for your journey with a SIM card to help you stay in touch as you roam across Europe. Our Europe SIM card allows you to update your socials with the latest snaps, video call someone you’re missing while on the go, or navigate the streets with maps on your phone. You’ll never have to worry about finding free Wi-Fi again: our prepaid SIMs are a safe and convenient travel essential you can’t go without.


What makes SimCorner your best choice for a Europe phone SIM card?

If you’re wondering why SimCorner has the best SIM card for Europe travel, read the benefits below:

  • Data SIM card options to suit your travel needs
  • Budget friendly
  • 3-in-1 SIM card (will fit any phone)
  • No roaming charges or hidden costs
  • Easy to use, and no registration required
  • Great coverage and compatibility with standard landlines and mobile numbers
  • Hotspot and tethering allowed
  • No incoming call charges from any country
  • Fast shipping to your door
  • Tried and tested by thousands of happy American tourists
  • Price Beat Guarantee

If you like more information use the contact us link above to get in touch with us, and get your travel SIM today!