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They are NZ specific sim cards which provide you with local rates for calls and mobile data usage. The NZ local SIM has a local New Zealand phone number. With a local SIM you are able to stay connected as you visit all of NZ's most popular destinations.

Using a local New Zealand SIM card offers cost-efficiency, abundant data options, a local phone number, and seamless connectivity. In contrast, international roaming can be more expensive, come with data constraints, maintain your home number, and might not guarantee the same network quality.

Yes definitely, At SimCorner we sell a range of prepaid NZ SIM cards for Australian travellers. Best of all, every NZ SIM card we sell is a local sim card, from Vodafone NZ, so they will be assigned a New Zealand number and includes data, local and international calls, and SMS included. Everything you need for your stay in the New Zealand. We also provide shipping Australia wide!

By purchasing one of our awesome ranges and having it shipped straight to your home address or work address, you can be sorted even before you step on the plane! We offer free shipping Australia-wide with regular mail or express 2-3 business day services if needed for urgent travel plans. Buying NZ travel sim cards online has never been easier.

The best New Zealand SIM card for travellers. Depends on your data and communication needs. SimCorner offer various options. Consider factors like data usage, talk and text needs, and the duration of your stay to choose the right one.

New Zealand has three main carriers; One NZ, Spark and 2Degrees. One NZ is one of the largest carrier in NZ and provide the best overall coverage. If you are traveling extensively around NZ.

We believe the best sim card for NZ are from OneNZ. They provide you with excellent call and mobile data options. Also with 98.5% coverage across NZ you are sure to stay connected as you travel around. Bundle includes OneNZ 2GB, OneNZ 10GB, OneNZ 40GB, and OneNZ 100GB options.

All Australian unlocked phones and devices are compatible with NZ sim cards.

If you are traveling to NZ soon from Australia, there is no one better than SimCorner. SimCorner has helped travellers for the last 10 years, and are a one-stop shop for all our international travel communication needs. At SimCorner you will find wide range of NZ travel SIM cards, at best value prices, which you can purchase and have delivered to you prior to your departure.

The New Zealand SIM cards can lasts either 30 or 60 days, if you plan on travelling for longer and would like to recharge, you can go online or to the My One NZ app.