Best International SIM Cards

Best International SIM Cards to use in your phone overseas to avoid roaming fees!

SimCorner specialises in providing the best international SIM cards for travellers. We work with the world's largest telecommunication companies to provide the best cell phone coverage and service for international travellers. Whether you are going to the United States of America, Europe or Australia, we have an international SIM card that will provide you with the service you need when you leave the States, so that you will have coverage as soon as you land in your destination.

We offer home delivery to make purchasing your international SIM card easy and convenient. Through the simple and secure online check out process, customers can order their new SIM card straight to their door, meaning they have one less thing to stress about while trying to prepare for their trip.

We do this to make it even easier for our customers to purchase their international travel SIM cards before they travel, and save themselves from expensive roaming fees. Travellers simply have to install the SIM card in their phone and they will be ready to go before they even land. Most of our prepaid travel SIM cards come preloaded with data, so that travellers can access Google Maps as soon as they reach their destination.

SimCorner's International SIM Cards Save Travellers from Expensive Roaming Charges

SimCorner provides travellers with the best international SIM card for the best price. Using our prepaid SIM cards will save you at least 85% on mobile fees, compared to using your regular Canadian SIM card. Purchasing your travel SIM card before leaving the States will also save you money and hassle, allowing you to use your phone immediately after arriving. Whether you will be travelling in the United Kingdom, Europe or Australia, we have prepaid SIM cards that will suit your needs.


Travellers to the United Kingdom will find that same UK travel SIM card with 20GB data will cost you significantly more when purchased from a EE-UK or O2 store in the UK. Our international SIM card plan for the Kingdom, provides you with a, unlimited talk and text within the UK and 12GB or 20GB 4G data on your phone that you can use to call or text back home. There are no extra charges to receive calls or send texts overseas. 

Our International SIM Cards Ensure that Your Phone Will Work Anywhere You Travel

We also have international SIM cards for Europe, which are essential for travelling throughout Europe. With these prepaid SIM cards, you will have a single contact number for your entire trip, so that your family and friends are able to contact you easily anytime, no matter which country you are visiting that day. Our United Kingdom and New Zealand travel SIM cards allow you to be connected as soon as you land at your destination. All of these options will protect you from high mobile roaming fees, and give you peace of mind that your phone will work and have a signal wherever you are travelling.

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