Best Prepaid Global SIM Cards

SimCorner has You Covered with the Best Prepaid Global SIM Cards

SimCorner offers the best prepaid SIM cards for international travellers. SimCorner has been publicly trading since 2012. We have partnered with the world's largest mobile telecommunication providers to take the hassle out of international communication for our customers. We offer country specific, international, prepaid global SIM cards, easily available on our website. We deliver straight to your door, making purchasing with SimCorner easy, convenient and one less thing to worry about!

Travellers need simply to purchase one of our country specific SIM cards or multi country sim cards and insert it into their normal phone before landing at their destination. Most of our SIM cards are preloaded with data, to allow travellers to immediately access Google Maps upon landing. Our cards make it easy and inexpensive to use your cell phone while you travel the world. International SIM cards will save significantly over using your Canadian SIM card while travelling outside of the country. SimCorner has the best prices for the best prepaid SIM cards.

SimCorner Prepaid Global SIM Card Saves International Travellers Money

SimCorner's prepaid global SIM card can save you more than 85% on roaming fees during international travel. Travellers will save significantly by purchasing our best prepaid SIM card before they leave USA. Especially while in the Europe, travellers will find that it costs much more to purchase a travel SIM card from T-Mobile with data than it does to purchase it from SimCorner .

Our Europe prepaid SIM card will provide travellers with unlimited talk, text and 20GB 4G data on your phone to any country in the EU. These features are available with our Europe SIM card, and will save you approximately compared to purchasing a roaming plan in the United States of America.

It is also important for European travellers to purchase their prepaid European SIM cards from us prior to travel. Our prepaid SIM cards give you a single, consistent phone number for family and friends to use to text you, no matter which European nation you are visiting that day. We also offer prepaid SIM cards for travel in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

SimCorner Prepaid SIM Cards Specialise in Meeting the Needs of International Travellers for Less

At SimCorner, we specialise in meeting the travel communication needs of all international travellers. Whether you are leaving Canada, or coming to visit Canada, our travel SIM Cards will give you peace of mind, knowing that your phone is going to work during your international travels, without costing a fortune.

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